Transfigured is an atmospheric top down puzzle game where you take the role as two children with special abilities.



  • Player characters concept & modeling

  • Enemies concept & modeling

  • Player & enemy animations

  • Lighting all levels

  • Dressing all levels

  • Chromatic abberation shader

  • UI & menus


  • Top-Down

  • Created in 10 weeks - at 50% (4 hours/day)

  • Custom in-house engine


  • 6 Programmers

  • 2 Level Designers

  • 3 Artists

  • 2 Technical Artists


Lighting & Dressing

Since I was responsible for a lot of the lighting, dressing and level optimization, I had good contact with both level design and programmers. The image above is an example of the first time the player encounters a vent that she can go through. I thought it would be a good idea to guide the player with a strong light pointing straight at it; the shadow cast by the player giving a nice dynamic feeling to the section. I was also responsible for the scripts that made the lights flash in some sections of the game. This gave a whole other vibe to the section, often highlighting the scary monsters that lurk in the darkness.