These are the bigger tool projects I have worked on. They are generally built on what I experienced as an artist the previous year; these tools are improving the inefficiencies of a lot of art related tasks. Since I did plenty of work in Unity then too, I knew what could be improved for level design too.

Maya Mesh Exporter

An export tool designed for artists. It has the ability to assign textures and shaders, export animations with ease, create LODs via Simplygon, and verify the mesh’s integrity by performing a variety of checks. Written in Python using PyMEL and Qt.

Navmesh Remesher

Unity can generate a navmesh, but when exporting it, it gets a lot of errors. This tool uses C# and Houdini Engine to automate the cleanup process inside Unity, making the export easy and seamless for the level designers.

Unity Level Exporter

The most essential tool for level designers, that has gone through a lot of iterations. From a simple json export of basic components, to a binary export with support for lightmaps, light probes, decals and custom script components. Written in C#.

Unity Mesh Importer

This is a tool that vastly improves collaboration in Unity. It imports meshes from our game files, and syncs the two directories. It has been vital for our group in order to avoid conflicts caused by Unity’s meta files. Written in C#.

Maya To Painter

A tool for Maya and Substance Painter that helps with the workflow betwen the two programs. Start a new project in Painter with both high and lowpoly set up inside Painter, or start baking immediately from Maya. Written in Python using PyMEL, and QML.

Painter DDS Exporter

This plugin for Substance Painter allows artists to export DDS files from Painter, since it doesn’t have native support. It also resizes images that are a single color or don’t contain big color differences. Written in QML and C#.