Spite: The Dark Blight is a hack n' slash style, top down RPG. You play as Simone, a paladin from the holy order of Arclight sent out to cleanse the town of Ashbourne from the risen undead.




  • Hack ‘n’ Slash

  • Created in 10 weeks - at 50% (4 hours/day)

  • Custom in-house engine


  • 7 Programmers

  • 3 Level Designers

  • 4 Artists

  • 2 Technical Artists

Lightmaps & Light Probes

Me and Morris Gustavsson wanted to try and implement baked lighting from Unity. It was a big task that we had ahead of us, but we did get it to work properly, allowing us to get really good looking, soft shadows, that played nicely with dynamic lights. If you’re curious about how we did it, I have written an article about it here.

Environmental Effects

The environmental effects are pretty fun. All of the flames are based on an old ImbueFX tutorial for UDK that I tried to recall, and implement accordingly in our engine. I also did a very basic shader for the spiderwebs, and although they are not as silky as I wanted them to be, since I didn’t have time to go back and polish them, they still convey the feeling of an abandoned crypt well. They are procedural in that they are just made using some noise textures multiplied together, and some vertex animation to make it seem like they blow in the wind.

Resource Globes

We needed to have globes that display our resources, as is tradition in these types of games. Mine use a texture for the glass, that is added on top of the shader magic. The shader magic itself is a couple of different noise textures that are distorted using some barrel distortion, and are panning at different speeds. The line that separates liquid from air is made by making the area above the liquid a flat color, but letting it bleed out across the border. The surface line is animated subtly using some noise textures that add on top of the vertical gradient that I smoothstep to determine the height of the liquid.