These are student games I’ve made as a Technical Artist. We were a team of 16 people.


Aóra is an FPS that is all about platforming and speedrunning. With a bow in your hands, and some magical abilities; fight and dodge your way to find the hidden treasure deep within the temple.

Spite: The Dark Blight

Spite: The Dark Blight is a hack n' slash style, top down RPG. You play as Simone, a paladin from the holy order of Arclight sent out to cleanse the town of Ashbourne from the risen undead.

Tom Cruiser’s Bounty

A bounty hunter and his trusty set of space wheels must set out on a neon-infused space chase to blast some baddies and get paid. Tom Cruiser’s Bounty is an on rail space shooter.

I also made a small mobile game with three other developers during a 48-hour game jam hosted by King. We won the best game award! You can watch a short playthrough here.

 Older games


These are 3D games I’ve helped develop at The Game Assembly with the role as an artist. We were a team of 13 people.

Slime Slam

Slime Slam is a local multiplayer brawler, where you can fight your friends with slimy, ragdoll-based characters.

  • Character

  • Environment Textures

  • Shaders & Particles

Gunther The Gun-Hunter

Gunther The Gun-Hunter is a FPS where the player takes control of Gunther, who is searching for new weapons in demon-infested ruins.

  • Characters

  • Lighting & Optimizing

  • Shaders & Particles


Transfigured is an atmospheric top down puzzle game where you take the role as two children with special abilities.

  • Characters

  • Lighting & Dressing

  • UI & Menus


Hyperbeat is an audio driven rail shooter where you move through space and defeat enemies, synchronized to music.

  • Player

  • Skyboxes

  • UI & Menus

These are 2D games I’ve helped develop at The Game Assembly with the role as an artist. The teams were different for each game.


Sacred Woods

Sacred Woods is a top-down game where you play as a lumberjack who is trying to purge the evil that is spreading through the forest.

  • 3D -> Pixel Art Pipeline

  • Characters

  • UI & Menus



Sentinel is a platformer, where you play as the captain of a spaceship that has crashed into a foregin planet. Find your missing crewmates, and escape!

  • Player & Enemy Animation

  • Cutscenes

  • Dressing



Vaexar is a shoot-em-up where you play as an alien creature on its way to ravage humanity. Evolve, and deal with the increasing strength of your enemy.

  • Player & Enemy models

  • Rendering pipeline

  • Particles



Chrono is a point & click game where you play as a watchmaker that is in control of time. As time suddenly stops, you need to find out why.

  • Shading & Rendering

  • UI & Menus

  • Particles