Technical Artist

I am studying as a Technical Artist at The Game Assembly, and I am looking for an internship between 2 September 2019 and 19 January 2020.

I have a technical mind and an artistic vision, with a strong desire to learn the latest and greatest techniques required for modern game development. Shaders & VFX are my main interests, but I see myself as a Technical Artist rather than a VFX Artist. I love helping people; either by creating tools to solve their problems, or by sharing experience I've had as both a graphical- and a technical artist.

I am interested in creating unique and creative solutions to artistic problems, improving workflows, and above all, contribute to a positive team spirit. In the future, I see myself as someone who develops new techniques for rendering realistic effects in realistic games, and create tools to help author the content and data required for said effects.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio, I hope to hear from you!